Kitty Kay Chan, Professor of Professional Practice, Columbia University School of Professional Studies

Kitty Kay Chan is a Professor of Professional Practice at Columbia University’s School of Professional Studies and also serves as Academic Director for the Master of Science in Applied Analytics program.

Dr. Chan specializes in quantitative analyses for practical application in regulatory oversight, law enforcement, performance and damage valuation, strategic development, and policy assessment.  Her career has spanned state and federal government as well as the private sector and academia.  She has served as an expert in litigations, investigations, regulatory filings, professional trainings and global initiatives.  Dr. Chan has experience with a wide range of industries, including agriculture, computers, electric utilities, entertainment, financial services, health care, internet, telecommunications, transportation, public integrity and safety, and real estate.

Prior to joining Columbia University, Dr. Chan led data analytics efforts for New York State. As the Chief Data Analytics Officer, she served as the State’s expert in data analytics and worked with stakeholders to develop strategies and build analytics products to derive actionable information from data across State agencies and functions.