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Keynote - AI at Work: from Programming to Learning

Jay Bellissimo, General Manager, Cognitive Process Transformation, IBM

We are in a new Learning Era in which plentiful data will deliver exponential benefits for companies. The leaders will be companies that have the data and train systems to get the most value out of them. AI systems are turning that data into knowledge that is augmenting the skills of employees. These systems are not a futuristic vision; they are being used today around the world. AI is enabling call center staff to respond rapidly to routine requests while freeing time for more complex issues. AI augments human intelligence by making employees smarter and faster.  It’s moving beyond solving only business problems and it’s now addressing many of our biggest societal issues such as sustainability and health. New technologies are breaking open the “black box” and making AI more ethical by providing greater transparency and trust. These systems explain how AI decisions are made; scan for AI bias; and recommend adjustments to mitigate bias. Jay will share lessons learned from working with clients around the world to implement AI in their businesses.